October 2013

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Safari Supper
7.30pm Saturday 23rd November

The social event for the end of the year will be a Safari Supper, lots of fun and a good way of getting to know other members.

The Safari Supper means meeting together and then being handed a slip of paper, which says where you are eating your starter (unless of course you are hosting that course, when you will be heading off to your own house). When you have finished your starters, it is all change and you are off somewhere else for your main course (or to your own house to act as host for the main course). We then do dessert back where we started from all together. Hosts cater for between 6 and 8 people including themselves and of course this is all agreed well in advance.

Please let Celia Binfield know if you want to host a course, Tel 01793 751137 or email celia.binfield@btopenworld.com.

Please let Celia know if you have any special dietary requirements. Tickets will be £10 a head. To simplify the administration can we ask that you print off the form and drop your payment into Celia at 98 Deansfield. Please enclose the requested information with your payment.

  • Name:
  • Tickets required for Safari Supper:
  • Address:
  • Money enclosed £

Call My Bluff Wine Tasting
Saturday 21st September

The wine tasting went off very well agin and everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves.

Our thanks go to Jane our oenologist for an informative and entertaining evening. Thanks too to John, Clive and Antoine for their entertaining but often misleading contributions.

Thanks to David for the food and to everyone else who helped set the evening up and helped clear up afterwards.

Twinning Visit 2014

The provisional dates for the Twinning are the 26th to 29th September 2014.

We are working on an exciting programme for the visit, but please feel free to contribute any thoughts in this area.

The programme for 2014 is outlined below. Apart from the AGM and the Visit everything has yet to be agreed by the committee

AGM 2014 and Skittles
Monday 20th January

The date for the AGM is to be 20th January, if the Bowles Club is available.

As usual the AGM will be followed by food and skittles. We will start at 7.30pm.

March/April 2014
Something Different

We have some ideas to do something new and an idea is being formulated. Hopefully we will be able to announce this in November

Pétanque 2014

There was a feeling that we should try and resurrect the Pétanque again this year.

Cricklade Festival Stall 2014
15th June

We will do a stall at the Cricklade Festival. 15th June is Fathers’ Day so would also normally be the Festival Date

Summer BBQ 2014
Saturday 19th July

As Fairford Air Tatoo is the weekend of 12th July, so the BBQ will be at 5pm Saturday 19th July.

Another event in October 2014

We may add another event post the visit by Sucé-sur-Erdre

Safari Supper 2014
29th November

Assuming no problems with this year’s event then 29th November.

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